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Oro en paz, fierro en guerra”, “gold in peace, iron in war”  is the motto of San Francisco, California. Originally a Spanish military garrison, for more than two hundred years San Francisco has been an important fort, then air and sea naval hub for United States military.

Iron In War explores the military history and present of San Francisco and the Bay Area, from the founding of the Presidio in 1776 to military operations in the present day. It examines how the military history of the Bay Area has shaped the broader political and economic history of the region, and its impact on communities.

Despite the lack of military bases in the Bay Area, there is a military presence here that largely goes unnoticed. The U.S. military is a reflection of the country, but here in the Bay Area that reflection is not always apparent. Iron In War is an effort to reveal that presence  – both current and historical — to help bridge the increasing civilian/military divide.

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Kyle Mizokami is a lifelong resident of San Francisco. Kyle has written for The Atlantic.com, Salon, The Diplomat, and The Japan Times. He has also written for the blog War Is Boring, and founded the blogs Japan Security Watch and Asia Security Watch. He founded the New Pacific Institute in part to study the impact the U.S. Military has on the San Francisco Bay Area, and how the security situation in the Asia-Pacific impacts the region.

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